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    I have a new LG G4 US991 from Canadian Newegg website.
    The specs say that it would support LTE network but when I connect, I only get H.

    Some background information:

    I am a recent Fido customer. Previously Rogers with LG G3 phone, that worked fine with 4G network. After the $40 promotion at Fido, I switched over, got a new sim card but kept my old G3 phone. Data wasn't working so I contacted Fido -- configured my APN settings and got data 4G. Occasionally however, my cellphone signal would drop for no reason and come back a few seconds later. I paid no attention.

    Now with my new G4 phone, I am using the SAME new sim card I used in my G3. Data wasn't working, so I configured my APN settings again - this time with slightly different settings that I found online because the information provided to me by Fido did not work. So the new APN settings have gotten me data but just H, not 4G. And again I notice that my cellphone signal drops out for a few seconds then comes back. Similarly to my old G3 phone. I have no idea why this is happening and it's quite annoying.

    To summarize my problems:

    1) LG G4 US991 unlocked from newegg does NOT connect to 4G when it says it can. All it does it sit there with signal but no data.

    2) LG G4 US991 as well as my old phone occassionally has signal drop that did NOT happen back when I was with Rogers. (My friends who are also with Fido do NOT notice this).

    While my phone does work fine on H network and the signal drop is nothing short of an annoyance, it would be nice to actually get on to the network that I was advertised and be able to use my cell phone without getting signal drop here and there.

    Any help is appreciated. I thank you for reading this long post.

    Thank you,

    PS - I tried the LTEMOBILE.APN settings that is found on the Fido support website, it does not work.

    PPS - I tried both suggested settings on Fido support forums WITH "Roaming" enabled because it is a US phone and it still doesn't work.
    12-30-2016 10:46 PM

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