1. AC Question's Avatar
    I'm using the Huawei Mate S from last year and ever since the "new" (a few months back) EMUI update, when I try to go into the Security Settings, the Settings app crashes. Not sure if the update is the problem, as I haven't tried going there before.

    I can use the rest of settings fine but the second I click on "Security", the screen goes black and I have to use the home button then task manager to close the settings app.

    This also wouldn't be too much of a problem normally, but I need to access the security settings to unlock my SD card, because I took it from my old phone that broke (exactly same model, Mate S), and now it's locked and can't be accessed.

    Thanks for any possible help.
    01-01-2017 06:46 PM
  2. Javier P's Avatar
    Welcome to the forums. Check if the same problem persists after booting into safe mode.
    01-01-2017 09:50 PM
  3. pixielee22's Avatar
    Ive had the same issue for months...
    01-01-2017 10:12 PM
  4. jeffhaskins's Avatar
    Probably a simple xml error in the apk. If you decompile it with apktool in /res/xml/Settings_Headers.xml you will see the code for the settings main screen. Check that the intent, package name, and activity are correct. If not fix it. This is assuming you are rooted and have basic understanding of xml.
    01-02-2017 01:03 AM

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