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    I put it on this website, thinking it'll work unlocking the network lock. Put it in once, expecting it'll give me the unlocking code, like what the tutorial said. It's this Vodafone unlocking site. (can't post the link because the forum is marking it as a spam) Nothing happened. Second,third time. Nope. Now I just realize I might have given my imei # to a hacker website. I can't confirm it, but what can I do to prevent my phone from getting hack now?
    01-01-2017 09:19 PM
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    You need to join us as a member in order to post a link.

    Vodafone is not a hacking site, if it was the legitimate Vodafone site, they are a European cellular carrier. Was the device perviously a Vodafone-locked device?

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    01-01-2017 10:07 PM

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