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    My phone was plugged in charging overnight, it rebooted early this morning (the vibration woke me) and has been stuck in a reboot cycle since (htc logo on white screen). Holding the volume and power buttons down I was able to bring up the boot options. I've tried rebooting, powering down (and rebooting), reboot to bootloader and going into recovery mode. I've also wiped the cache partition (from recovery mode) but it still won’t boot.

    Oddly, every now and then (I can’t see a pattern to it) the phone tells me it is encrypted and requires a decryption code (my phone doesn’t have a passcode to access).

    I'm kinda stuck, I'd rather not wipe/factory reset as I don’t think I had the back-up program running so will lose all my data.

    I'm guessing an app/software update hasn’t worked or something, (as I have auto updates on) can anyone offer any help please?

    edit: the phone is also undiscoverable by my laptop.

    Many thanks,

    01-02-2017 04:23 AM

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