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    I am having an issue with Bluetooth/ARC(Pioneer's Remote Control app) on my receiver.

    Relevant equipment:
    Pioneer DEH-X7800BHS Car audio receiver w/Bluetooth, USB input
    Samsung Galaxy S5 (Wife's cellphone), with Pioneer's ARC remote-control app installed
    LG G4 (My cellphone), with Pioneer's ARC remote control app installed.

    The car stereo supports dual bluetooth - so both the S5 and G4 are registered and connect to the stereo automatically.

    However, the stereo does not respond the same way to both devices. Both devices connect to bluetooth for phone audio successfully.

    ARC/remote control uses a USB wired connection.

    On the Samsung S5, if I plug in USB and set ARC to Google Play, it plays the music over Bluetooth (despite the ARC connection being set to wired). I can unplug the phone, and it will continue to play. It will also report the music information on the receivers display. I consider this the "preferred" way for the stereo to work.

    On the LG G4, the music is going through the wire. If I unplug from the receiver, the music from Google Play stops. In addition, the track information does not display on the stereo, like it does on the S5. The LG G4 won't connect to the stereo for music - even when I'm not using the ARC app and just setting the receiver to BT Audio. It reports that the connection fails, but phone bluetooth still works.

    All stereos system settings are the same - I don't change them when a different phone is being used. Also, we don't attempt to connect both phones at the same time.

    How do I get the LG G4 to respond to the stereo in the same way as the Samsung Galaxy S5?

    Please advise,
    01-02-2017 06:12 PM

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