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    Red eye pop up for seconds on screen of my android when i touch it an advertisement pop ups. most of time only advertisement popups when i m checking my whatsapp without appears red eyeball. when i use other application advertisement still pop ups for seconds and when i touch to x mark it disappears.
    01-03-2017 12:57 AM
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    I made an account here just so I could help you, and possibly others, seeing as no one responded to you.

    I have only just solved this issue and in my case, the culprit app is SHADOW THEME APEX/NOVA/ADW/GO.
    It could possibly be something else for you that was made from the same people. Either way, the method I will mention below could help you resolve the issue without wasting your time on with antivirus and malware finders.

    I had the same experience as you mentioned above plus other various pop ups.
    One pop version would provide you an opp out link and that link would take you to a webpage that instructs you to do some suspicious things.

    I spent days trying to track down which app was doing this and ended up targeting and uninstalling innocent apps only to find that the problem continued.
    No antivirus or malware app was able to help me get any closer to figuring this out. I was only able to find it thanks to a system processes app that allowed me to watch what was running on the phone in real time. What shadow theme does, is it turns itself on (probably to see if you are actively using the phone) it then connects to a location in Ashburn, Virginia, USA Lat 39.0437, Long: -77.4875. It then turns itself off 0.5 seconds before the ads pop up....EACH TIME!
    The app that I used was OS Monitor by eolwral version It allowed me, via the 'status', setting to see which app was running and which ones were asleep. And when the only 2 apps running are OS Monitor itself and the phones own system, anything else that pops up is going to be easily caught. And that is what happened.
    Hopefully this knowledge will help you track down dodgy apps on your phone, but as I said, in my case it was SHADOW THEME APEX/NOVA/ADW/GO.

    I have no connection with OS Monitor app or developers. I am just someone that went past his bed time to resolve an unnecessary issue that his phone had. However, I am very thankful for the app.
    I will attempt to add some screenshots.

    Red eye pop up for seconds on screen of my android-screenshot_2017-02-16-20-39-01.jpg
    Red eye pop up for seconds on screen of my android-screenshot_2017-02-16-20-48-0k2.jpg
    Red eye pop up for seconds on screen of my android-screenshot_2017-02-16-20-40-04.png
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    02-16-2017 04:52 PM
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    I had the same irritating problem and discovered after two day of uninstalling innocent apps like EnzoMatrix and finding and using his method that the source was "Premium Wallpapers HD" that I installed from the Play Store.
    I already uninstalled from all my devices (several of them rooted with adblockers so the ads were blocked; I only noticed on my new not-rooted phone), reviewed them with one star and reported them.
    This kind of apps should be blocked by Google. Besides the pop-up ads and the pop-up red eye icon that transformed in an ad when touched, there were also full screen video ads that you can't skip for a few seconds, only by hitting home.
    The phone was also lagging moments before loading the ads (a brand new S7Edge).
    This is unacceptable! Please spread the news and I hope this post will help some of you who are getting this problems.

    LE: PS: Thank you very much EnzoMatrix for your post!
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    02-21-2017 07:29 AM
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    Remember this option if judged to be the right thing to do:

    Report To Google

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    02-21-2017 07:43 AM
  5. DevRecon's Avatar
    Unity ads is responsible for this. App companies incorporate it into their installation. Use File Manager to delete the folder with Unity ads in the name. It won't be detectable by most popup blockers.
    02-25-2017 08:44 AM

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