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    Hi Guys,

    What is the maximum streaming ability of Android Phones - to [*Stream either Internet TV*] OR a [*Video file saved on the phone*] (eg [*Full ISO rip*] or lesser mkv/avi/mp4 of a Bluray/DVD etc) and how well can a phone stream that stuff with different levels of specs?

    I've never had a decent Android phone before and am looking to buy one right now (just narrowing down final decision) but I really need to know?

    I currently have a Chromecast 2 to use with my HDTV but may use a Smart TV/PVR later without the Chromecast 2.

    I'd prefer to be able to watch shows on a phone in 16/9 Aspect; @ *[at least*] 720x1280; or 1080x1920 pixels if not bigger.

    To give you an idea of the type of phone I'm looking at spending up to $450 on a 32GB phone(eg Oppo R9 Plus), or between to $150-$315(eg Xperia XA ) on a 16GB phone.

    So say i'm streaming the highest quality TV show from Netflix/Stan or playing a [*Full ISO rip*] of a Bluray/DVD - will a 32GB or 16Gb phone be able to do that flawlesly; or the 32GB will but 16GB will stutter etc? Or is it the RAM/CPU that counts most?

    When I watch movies I prefer to watch [*Full ISO clone*] of a Bluray/DVD which can be between 8GB all the way up to 60GB - do you think i'd only be able to play 'up to this Res/many GB' files for a 16GB or 32GB phone etc? I have no idea what is possible as I've never had a decent phone with video other than little crappy 3GP videos i've taken with a 3MP phone?

    Would I need a specifically fast type of SD card for huge movies from file?

    I really really need some advice on this - so anything you can tell me from your experience would be great!

    01-03-2017 05:40 PM

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