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    Wanted to know if the V10 has adaptable storage? I have read online all afternoon and some say yes and some say no... I can't figure out if it does or not. Also, looking at the moto x pure, if no AS on V10.

    Also, for a backup phone to do the following, what do you recommend around $500 or less? I'm leaning toward the V10 since it does all that I wanted. I understand the battery issue, but I have a portable charger, so no big deal. V10 is and moto x are $300 at bh photo. Should I budget more or wait for another phone?

    This is what I need: 1. Pictures 2. Video (I do YT vids of products, at times) 3. Maps (use as a gps when driving and on travel walking). 4. Listening to Music, ted talks, etc. 5. Need 64 gb on the device and micro sd with adaptable storage (I take a lot of vids sometimes not near wifi to remove from phone right away).

    Additional info you don't need to read (included background, if you want to know more):

    I would use this as a backup when I go on travel. Currently I have an iPhone 7, but I want a larger screen when on vacation, work travel, or using my phone as a gps (walking or in the car). Also, I like to have a backup phone with all of my most important apps.

    My current backup is a Lumia 830... love windows phone, but the app situation forced me off. Went iPhone since we have them at work and I learned the apps.

    I'm a tech guy and love to tinker with things so having a larger android phone seems like a good idea. I can't imagine having a iphone 6s/7 plus as a backup.

    I had an android moto way back in the day and it was not that great... it would reset/reboot at the worst times. I'd like something stable.

    Thanks for the help... appreciate all the help I can get!!!
    01-04-2017 09:21 PM

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