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    I have Samsung Galaxy S6 Active I'm trying to use the Android for the videos on my Kenwood DDX373BT the music from my phone works great. It the App feature on unit won't work I try downloading from Google Kenwood Smartphone app not compatible it says. Is there any other way of watching videos there's IpodIphone/AV Input jack on back of receiver . Is there any wiring kit that will work. Bluetooth and USB works for my music just fine from my S6....please help. I had a friend suggest this

    1. Isimple Medialinx
    2. CA C3av cable
    3. Kenwood Kca-HD 100 HDMI
    4. Belkin Miracast
    5. Samsung HDMI

    Will that work i need to know if it will or not...I hope I explained it well I'm not that good on electronics lol...
    01-04-2017 09:59 PM

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