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    Last night i connect my charger for charging my phone ... I just turn my phone off during charging and after 20 mints when i came back to check the battery status, there was no charging showing and also there was no red light notification of charging was showing and the phone was powered off. i just pull out the charging port of my phone and want to turn it on but it shows nothing.... It is not charging and also not powering on. I try different tricks like leave the charger for overnight to make it sure that the battery seems to be in sleeping mode but noting happen ,, then i connect my phone with other different chargers and also plug in the phone with laptop and PC not there is nothing happening to my phone ... battery of my phone is Fixed...
    i also use the trick of volume up + Down + power button but its not responding ..

    if anyone else have the same problem then help me out to fix that frustrating issue . Thanks
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    01-05-2017 07:03 AM

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