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    I still haven't received the Nougat (OxygenOS 4.0) update yet to my OP3 which may or may not fix this but at the moment I have some horrific battery drain.

    It used to be that I would get home from work with around 65% battery and then finish the day on around 20% with 3.5-4 hours screen on. Today I got home with 25% after only 58mins screen on time (beginning the day at about 93% I believe).

    CaptivePortalLogin has used 11%. Can anyone explain what this is and how I stop it?

    Android System and OS have also both used higher percentages and CPU time than the screen so something is going on in the background when the phone is not being used.

    For the last week I used Battery Doctor's task killer to try and combat this and even with all apps closed I could run the Battery Doctor's script and it was claim to have got an extra 1.5 hours battery back... it must be killing something!

    Has anyone else encountered these issues with the OP3?
    01-05-2017 12:38 PM

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