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    I got a Gametel Bluetooth controller, it worked until one day it became some sort of weird keyboard. Now whenever i press for example, the L button, it will input "h", and when I release the L button, it inputs a "r", so every time i press and release the L button it will input "hr" as if its a keyboard. It didn't do this before, it didn't input anything at all, because it acted like a normal controller that isn't mappen to keyboard keys. I don't know/remember what I did so it behaved like this. I even did a factory reset on my phone, and the problem is still not solved. Now I have no idea what is causing this, to let you know I have searched the Internet for a solution but I haven’t found anything relaterade to this Issue. But the problem is that my phone thinks my Gametel controller is a keyboard, and you cannot game on it as it only respons to presses and released, not helt buttons.
    01-07-2017 12:54 AM

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