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    Ok I know I'm going a bit old school here but I am so incredibly frustrated right now. I've been looking FOR YEARS for a true multi directional calendar sync.

    I started using digital calendars back in the 90s with a Palm PDA. My Palm updated Outlook including changes I made to an appointment and visa-versa. It didn't matter how I originally entered the appointment or how I changed the appointment ALL calendars adjusted and were mirror images of each other. Enter Google calendar - it took a bit BUT it was possible to make everything work together. Basically Outlook became the conduit - both palm and Google updated Outlook which then updated the other devices.

    Now enter Android. I've NEVER found a satisfactory solution to this problem. I have an Samsung note five, an Asus Windows tablet, Windows lap top, work computer, and work phone.

    All I want is something that SHOULD be very simple since it's something I could do back in the freakin 90s. No matter what devices I input or make changes on no matter which calendar (outlook OR Google) I want everything to have the same information and be able to do a true 2 way sync. Basically I want ALL calendars to have the same information preferably contracts and tasks too.

    You wouldn't think this would be so difficult but it is. I've tried Google calendar app, outlook calendar app, digi calendar, cozi and several others they all suck.

    01-07-2017 09:20 PM
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    I'm not really sure how they suck for you. They all work fine on my end. I enter a calendar entry in my phone, shows up automatically on Google calendar on my Samsung tablet and ASUS laptop. You'll need to clarify where it is having problems for you.

    On my devices, I use the built in calendar app for Samsung (S Planner). It's set to save all entries to Google, so no need to do manual sync. The phone automatically uploads all information to Google, and downloads new info from other devices, as soon as an internet connection is established. This is the same way my Samsung tablet is configured, hence they both sync no issues. You can also use Outlook.com in syncing, and achieve the same thing.

    I imagine your issue are on your PCs. On a PC, if you are using Google to sync, it would depend on what program on your PC you use. You can always interact with Google Calendar using the Chrome app. Once installed onto Chrome, it can work like a calendar program and alert you of events and notifications if configured to do so, even without internet connection. I personally use the built in Calendar app on Windows 10, and just added Google Calendar on it and it works fine. As long as there is a live Internet connection, all my devices are syncing real time. This can also be done using the Outlook office program by subscribing to a calendar on Google.

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    01-07-2017 10:28 PM
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    Welcome to Android Central! I agree with chanchan05. The key here is not to bother with Outlook any more, because there has never been a really good or reliable sync program between Google/Android and Outlook. I would suggest relying on the Google Calendar app and website completely, if you want the tightest and smoothest sync experience.
    01-07-2017 11:36 PM

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