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    1. My phone is a lg g3
    2. I got it from my cousin who probably would lie to me to get money.. Awful right
    3. This phone was good until a couple months ago, it started acting up like when you would update it it would be perfectly fine until it went to lock screen then it would tell me that I would have no sim card so I would take the battery out and ECT but it would also get really hot so I would leave it alone and then, put the battery back in. So then I'd turn it back on nope no sim card it has been happening for awhile no
    4. This just started happening it would shut off and turn,back on shut off turn back on idk if it's restarting it self but it would come up to the Verizon red screen with the Verizon symbol and then it would shut off unless it was on a charger..?
    5 it over heats really badly ( idk if that's why it's telling me I have no sim card or then if the battery gets to hot in So confused on what this phone does?) I really need help because obviously I'm a teen who can't make money and I'm not as spoiled as some kids are! I just need to know if I need a new battery or if it's just a junky phone. When I took the battery out it said in the little white sticky note it's been over 2 years ( 1/5/15) something like that but my parents aren't gonna buy me a new phone... So please please help me out... I just need to know if it's junk or I need a new battery sim card or both!!😒 I've only had this phone for at least almost a year and I don't want it to go to waste and especially if I can't get a job! I'm also an athlete so I need my phone to contact people...! Please please help me out!
    01-09-2017 12:16 PM
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    It could simply be that you need a new battery. It may be worth asking a friendly repairer to test the battery, but if it is that, make sure that the replacement that you buy is a good-quality one.

    Note also that you can sometimes diagnose a bad battery yourself, by trying to spin it on a flat surface. It will do that if it's distorted, and if it is, handle and dispose of it with care, lest it burst.
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    01-09-2017 12:30 PM
  3. pkcable's Avatar
    I would also certainly try replacing the SIM card, your carrier should be able to do that for free or nearly free. (I've seen some charge 5, 10 or 15 dollars to replace a SIM)
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    01-09-2017 12:33 PM
  4. Tim1954's Avatar
    As the Wise Ones above said, the battery sounds sus. You might try gently cleaning the gold contacts on the sim with an alcohol based wipe like they use when you get a needle... do not use any water based wipe!!! A bit of metho is good too ... give the battery contacts a clean too while you're at it... you might be looking at a new battery. Replacement sim should be free from network provider if cleaning didn't help..
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    01-09-2017 09:51 PM

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