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    Sprint Galaxy S3, dropped, cracked screen, went black and no display. Phone does have a passcode on it. Phone seemed otherwise working in terms of notification sounds, incoming texts and emails, ringing when called, etc. - but access was impossible without a display. I tried Samsung 'Find My Phone' thanks to you on these forums, I do have this phone registered there, shows in my account, but FMP page said not found and to log out and back in my account on my phone - which I couldn't do!
    I tried Kies, Kies lite and Smart Switch, but none of these will work without phone unlocked - which I couldn't do.
    I then tried Dr Fone for android, clicked on "data extraction/damaged device" per their instructions. Entered my model. Next step was 'put your phone in download mode' - "power off phone > press/hold Vol down+Home+Power button > then Press Vol Up. This all went ok I guess, as the program indicated it was downloading data by percentage.
    When it got to 90%, it stayed there, little circle going round and round, all night - say about 5 or 6 hours. I quit the program at that point and unhooked my phone from my PC.
    So here's the issue - I cannot start my phone back up now! I 'think' there's charge in the battery but not sure at this point. When I press/hold the power button I'll get that short startup buzz, but nothing happens after that. If I plug in the charger and press/hold the power button, I'll get the short buzz, and then that short buzz will repeat cycle every 3 or 4 seconds, for as long as I leave it like that - but that's all the phone will do.
    I believe if I can start it up again I can try other things I've seen on these forums - try another S3's screen connection, on the go cable, etc.
    I have an S7 on the way today, and photos and phone book were all backed up, but there are many other important docs, downloads, calendar appts., texts, on the phone that I really need.
    So... Can anyone help get this phone started again??
    And an aside - If I activate my new phone when it comes today, will this interfere with any recovery efforts on this S3?
    Thank you so much! Brad
    01-09-2017 03:35 PM

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