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    So I have about 4,500 songs i want to put onto a 120gb SD card (i know its large and it will be slow). So I have an LGg4 and i went through the process of doing it manually, coping iTunes songs to a folder, converting it ALL to Media Player format, then moving that all to the root of my SD card, which was mounted in my phone. After doing that i found i needed to use different more professional methods. I then used free iSyncer from my PC to my phone. It seemed to be working fine, but i could only do 100 songs. The songs said they were downloaded properly, but when i played them, each song would play for 1 second and then just skip to the next song. I just need some clarification, any help is great! Its a Suntrsi Micro SD 128 GB
    01-09-2017 06:06 PM
  2. jimmiri's Avatar
    I think your SD card got no problem. It is because the iTunes songs are DRM-protected. That is to say, you cannot only play iTunes music on non-Apple platform.
    To play the iTunes songs in your new HDD, you should get rid of DRM code with Apple Music Converter at the first place, then copy the iTunes library to HDD.
    01-10-2017 01:44 AM

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