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    This morning when I took my phone was turned off, I realize that I connected the usb charger to the phone but the wall plug whas disconected ( I use a cable extention and a permanent wall conected charger, thats why I just thought it was doing his job... but my wife), anyway, I plugged to the wall outlet and when the screen showed up, was a legend "updating dont disconect the usb cable" (or something like) with a big usb icon and cicled arrows, I supposte it was a fail update or something like, I let the phone in that state for like 3 hour and nothing happend, so I remove the battery for a few seconds, then putted it back, and the phone turned on normaly with 3% battery, then because I needed to go work I took the phone and leave, for the time I arrive to my work place the phone was again off, I suppose it was the normal low bat shutdown, but the phone just wont do anithing, I keeped conected all the way back home to the car charger and nothing, EXCEPT when I get off the battery and plug the usb charger the battery icon with a question sign appear, so that makes me thing that the phone isn't Hard-Bricked, then I insert the battery in place (while connected the usb charger) and the phone apparently go off and unresponsible again.

    What could it be?
    Thankyou very much for any suggest
    01-10-2017 12:16 AM

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