1. BMovie's Avatar
    The problem i am having is that the HTC M8 wont boot up without being plugged into the mains.

    Story: Last week i was playing pokemon GO as i normally do when the phone just decided to shut down. I tired powering back on but it wouldn't power up.
    When i hold the power button it shows the HTC Green Logo then turns off likes it not drawing power from the battery. So i decided to get a new battery to see if that
    would solve the problem. Unfortunally it has not sorted the problem out. it still wont draw power from the battery for some reason but boots up fine while plugged in.

    Before that i recently changed the Power/Audio board but that seems to be working fine (power draw and audio) so dont think that is the problem.

    No custom Rom or custom software on the phone. all stock.

    Thank you for the help.
    01-10-2017 08:30 AM
  2. belodion's Avatar
    That may need repairer attention.
    01-10-2017 08:47 AM
  3. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central! I agree -- it sounds like a failed battery.
    01-10-2017 04:13 PM
  4. BMovie's Avatar
    Thank you both for the reply.
    @Belodin, I was hoping it wasnt going to come to that as i think it would cos more to repair (as ive had it a while) than buying a new one.
    @B. Diddy. Thank you for the welcome I've recently replaced the battery with a brand new one and the same thing happens.

    Update: I've plugged the phone into the charger and booted it up and it booted fine (as it has been doing). Then i left it alone and let it full boot up, update what it needs to then unplugged the charger cable. The phone stays on and i can move from screen to screen and look at the settings but if i anything requireing power more power e.g. booting the phone up or opening and app. it turns its self off.

    End of the day I think it maybe cream crackered and I probably need a new phone, just wanted to see what you two/anyone else thought about the new info.

    Thank you.
    01-10-2017 04:36 PM
  5. B. Diddy's Avatar
    If it's a new battery, then my suspicion would focus more on the Power button or the motherboard. I agree that a new phone is the right move here, since a repair might cost more than it's worth.
    01-10-2017 04:59 PM

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