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    Because it's really hard to find a case I like for my phone :')
    01-10-2017 10:22 AM
  2. cantaloupe17's Avatar
    This is late, but for anyone who finds this in the future, here are a couple of options.

    First off, there are a quite a few cases on Amazon being advertised specifically for the Galaxy Grand Prime, though you will probably want to check the dimensions yourself.

    I once felt OP's pain when searching for my case. Rather than Amazon, I just went into an electronics shop that sold phone cases and let the shopkeeper find something that fit for me. It was actually for another phone, but everything lined up right, and it wasn't that much more expensive than comparable cases on Amazon considering it was a brick-and-mortar place. This way you can verify that the fit is good before you buy.

    Heck you could even visit one of those mall kiosks (as long as you're careful not to get ripped off). Anyone whose job includes selling phone cases is likely to have a more intuitive feel for the various dimensions available. This means you no longer need to worry about finding a "Galaxy Grand Prime case", just one that you can see fits the phone.
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    03-22-2017 04:19 PM

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