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    I am new to Android and recently bought the S7 Edge.

    I have downloaded the Google Calendar app to the phone so I can view and manage the calendar events stored in my Live Mail account. When I open the app though, it shows no calendar events.

    When I go into Google Calendar settings, all accounts are visible except Live Mail (including Office 365 accounts). I cannot see a way to add another account to the Calendar app either.

    How can I view the Live Calendar on the S7 Edge? I really like the Google Calendar app and want to use it, however I need to see my Live Calendar on the app.


    01-12-2017 03:48 PM
  2. chanchan05's Avatar
    I don't use the Google Calendar app but it does use the same data repository as the stock S Planner app on the S7. So go to S Planner, tap on More>Manage Calendars>Add Account and select Exchange. Add your account and it should start working fine for both S Planner and Google Calendar.

    An alternative is downloading Outlook for Android, which is Microsoft's own app for interacting with Microsoft email and calendar services such as Live.
    01-12-2017 04:14 PM
  3. Nitin Suneja's Avatar
    Thanks for your response Chanchan05.

    I added my Live Mail account information to my S7 using the above instructions. When I then go into the Google Calendar app or the S Planner, it*does not sync the calendar entries from my Live mail calendar.

    I had already installed the Outlook app. It works well, however I wanted to use either Google Calendar or S Planner as I like the interface.

    Do you have any other recommendations?


    01-13-2017 09:10 AM

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