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    OK, so maybe I'm an *****, but here goes: I have a SGX 7 Edge - love it - but I have four main Bluetooth devices. Two car stereos (one is phone only), our bedroom TV soundbar and my wireless headphones.

    I work from home....I find that if I leave Bluetooth on, it will stay connected to my soundbar (even if I haven't streamed anything) or my headphones, and when a call comes in, the audio is routed to one of those devices. If I don't look at the Bluetooth status when the all comes in and TURN IT OFF, I get no audio on my calls thru my phone.

    Makes me crazy - I have lost a number of calls this way (the phone rings, I pick it up, can't hear anything...) - do I need to get in the habit of just leaving Bluetooth off, and connecting when I need it ? Or is there another trick that tells the phone - 'hey, you're connecting to BT devices that are not in use, send audio automatically thru the phone.' ??
    01-13-2017 09:43 AM

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