1. Jose Diego Diaz Cuellar's Avatar
    Hi i bouth a Sony Xperia XA Ultra (Dual Sim) but i cant'n move the default apps to the SD ... Reading on internet that depends of the android marshmallow it is true?

    It's another way to transfer apps to SD on this device?

    Thanks a lot
    01-13-2017 04:40 PM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central! There are two possibilities:

    1. Some (but not all) devices allow you to move a portion of an app to the SD card. Go to the Settings>Apps menu, select an app, and see if there is a Move to SD button. If so, tapping it will move a portion of that app, but it'll never be the whole app. Also, even if your device supports this function, not all apps can be moved.

    2. With Marshmallow, some (but not all) devices support Adoptable Storage, which formats the SD card as part of the phone's Internal Storage, thus allowing you to install more apps. But this can also cause problems if the implementation of it is glitchy, or if you have a bad card.

    If your device doesn't allow you to Move to SD, and if it doesn't support Adoptable Storage, then your only other option is to root the device and use an app like Link2SD or App Mgr III.
    01-13-2017 10:26 PM

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