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    Hi guys. First off, I just want to say I just got my first smartphone and I know next to nothing about them or any of the terms that go along with them. I bought a Samsung S7 Edge. From the second I turn it on, it's already lost 2% of the battery and altogether, I only get 10 hours before it goes to 0%. I thought these were supposed to hold much longer. The only apps that are on my phone are the ones that came on it and Scrabble, which I installed. I went on some other websites and I read that i should try to disable some of the apps, which I did. I also turned off all notifications except Messages and this has not helped at all. I'm very frustrated because I don't think this is normal and I'm actually starting to miss my old flip phone lol. If anyone can help me, I'd be extremely grateful. Thank you, have a wonderful day.
    01-13-2017 10:32 PM
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    Most times there are no quick answers to people's questions, so posting as a guest will not help your case. You will need to join AC in order to join in on a conversation in your thread.


    That said, your phone should last much longer than 10 hours... well, dependent on your "normal" use, whatever that is... it varies for people. I'm guessing that these 10 hours are NOT screen on time so it does seem short. As for losing 2% right after you unplug, that's not unusual, but what I've seen is that if you pull the charger just when the phone reaches 100%, that 100% isn't going to last very long. Try leaving the charger in for, I don't know, 15 - 30 minutes, so the battery can trickle to a good 100%. Then see what happens. Dropping a few percent directly after pulling the plug is not indicative of a bad battery. Moreso, it's because the level at which the battery is metered and pegged it's 100% can vary if it at least falls within the range set by the software. As for discharging your battery down to 0 volts, that is NOT a good thing. While lithium doesn't have memory, it stresses the battery to low volt it. Charge your phone when it reaches around 30 - 35% and your battery will thank you for it (some say 40%, but I normally charge around 35%).

    Now to gist of your problem. It would help if you post screen shots of your battery stats. Be sure to list every single app that's listed (scroll down if you need to). Also click on the battery graph so it displays the History details of Awake, Screen on, etc and post a screen shot of that.

    How long do you play Scrabble, or any game? If you're doing a lot of gaming, then for sure your battery will take a hit. Although you wouldn't think Scrabble is graphic intensive, it actually is. Drawing the board and keeping it displayed taxes both your cpu and gpu... and battery.

    In any case, you can see why you need to join in on your thread... more details are normally always needed.

    EDIT>>>>>> Forgot to give you a link on how to post screenshots...

    01-14-2017 01:36 AM

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