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    Today, I tried to solve a problem with proximity sensor in my G2, which did not work at all. When calling and putting the phone to my ear, the screen didn't turn off, resulting in a lot of accidentaly declined calls. I assumed it was because the inner piece of glass in front of the sensor was dirty and foggy, so I used a tutorial (/watch?v=hPFBA24dR1w) to disassemble the phone and clean the sensor.

    At first I discovered that the front LED and proximity sensor hadn't been plugged in, so I fixed that and tried to turn on my phone. This fixed my LED, which I thought was broken for a long time, however didn't fix the proximity sensor.

    So I went back into the internals, disassembled the phone completely and cleaned the glass in front of the proximity sensor. Then I plugged all the cables back in. However, when trying to power the phone back on, the screen doesn't turn on.

    The blue LED is flashing during the startup, and after several seconds the back notification starts flashing too. When holding the power button, the phone vibrates normally, so the phone seems to be working fine, except for the screen.

    I went back to check all the cables, which seem to be connected fine (I can send a photo if needed). I noticed that when I press the power button, I can see some light through tiny holes in the back. Then I noticed the screen turns to a bit lighter shade of black when powered on.

    I'd like to ask for your help. Is there anything I can try right now?
    Thank you very much, and sorry for the long post.
    01-14-2017 12:04 PM

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