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    Hey all - I had my old phone (stratosphere II) setup for calls to go to voicemail after 15 seconds (roughly 3 rings). I had to call Verizon to have this change made. And it worked!

    This was needed because I have google voice calls coming to the phone, and anything longer will kick on the google voice VM which I don't want. I want all the VM's in one place.

    I just got a S5, swapped the SIM card - and everything about the phone is awesome! Except that now calls ring for 30 seconds before going to VM - which is longer than I would want even without the google voice dilemma.

    I called verizon, and they said that the VM setting is still set to 15 seconds....

    I swapped the SIM card BACK to the old phone - it picks up after 15 seconds - put it back in the S5 - 30 seconds.

    Is there a setting in the phone I need to change (PS - I would love to use the visual voicemail if I can - but it's not required) - or is there something on verizons end that needs to be updated to the new phone?

    Any tips/help are GREATLY appreciated as I use the phone for business!
    01-15-2017 10:54 AM
  2. ManiacJoe's Avatar
    Check the call settings in the phone app.
    Check the settings in the voicemail app.
    01-15-2017 07:03 PM

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