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    Hi there,
    I recently tried to check for updates on my S7 edge to see if nougat was out, but I got a message saying that my device was "Modifed"
    I checked my device status and it was "Custom", so I decided the only way to fix it was to flash the phone.

    While flashing, everything went fine right up until the end, Odin is stuck on HIDDEN, and the Log has stopped on meta-data/download-list.txt. I used the HOME_CSC file by the way.

    I still have the phone plugged in to the computer, I am afraid to unplug it because I dont want to break my phone or do any damage to it as it is an expensive phone.

    Please reply ASAP because this is really freaking me out!!
    01-15-2017 10:31 AM

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