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    So I ordered my Google Pixel XL 128GB on 11/24/16 and the next day was told out would be back ordered but delivered to me on 1/6/17. I called Verizon on 1/6/17 in the morning to confirm our was being sent which they said yes it was, later in the afternoon I get an email from Verizon stating that my order is still out of stock and the phone won't be delivered until 3/3/17. (99 days after I ordered)

    Anybody else think that if you have to wait a full earnings quarter for a new phone that either Google or Verizon would give us any type of incentive, free month of phone service, discount price on the phone etc? I mean what will happen when March comes and they say it will be another 3 months. He'll a whole new line of phones will be out by March, why even wait any longer? I've been with Verizon for 7 years and have kept my account in good standing. My Galaxy S5 has been bogged down and not working well since November which was the whole reason I upgraded.

    I trust I'm not the only one, maybe we should band together and file a class action lawsuit for false advertising as I bet all of the sales on these phones are included in units sold for their quarterly earnings report.

    Pissed off Verizon and Android consumer ready to switch to iPhone and a different carrier.
    01-17-2017 12:28 PM

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