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    I have a Samsung galaxy S4. This morning I got a software update and decided to install it onto my phone. The update was a notification like all the other real updates so I ruled out the possibility of it being a virus. When the update finished, my phone turned on again but instead of seeing the lock screen, all I see is the screen when it turns on and says "Samsung" with a black background. I thought it wasn't done updating so I left it turned on like that for about 4 hours and it still didn't turn on. I then took the batter out for about an hour and put it back in and powered up my phone. No luck, it froze at the screen that says "Samsung" again. It has yet to do turn fully on today. I've been trying from 6AM and it is now 3PM. I have also tried doing a recovery reboot but It still freezes. Any help??
    01-17-2017 02:05 PM

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