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    I used to own a Sony Xperia Z3+ and use snapchat frequently. The picture quality was always good, however the Xperia Z3+ had severe overheating issues and you couldnt use the app for more than 5-10 minutes before it would overheat, causing severe lag, freezing and crashing.

    That phone died completely after 6 months of lots of issues (it was only 14 months, so no more Sony) and I bought a Huawei Honor 8. Here, snapchat runs mostly fine (of course draining a lot of power but they always did that) however, the picture quality is REALLY bad. Like, its so low res that even the text is very blurry.

    I know that Snapchat doesnt actually use your camera but screengrabs your display, however it still makes no sense, as it looks great on the display when i take the picture, but as soon as the photo is sent to a friend or mystory, it looks absolutely garbage.

    Honor 8 has about the same PPI as the Xperia Z3+ so I don't really get why this issue exists, I haven't scaled down to 720p or anything, but as for now I've got a brand new phone but the app i'm using the most isnt working properly.
    01-17-2017 03:27 PM

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