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    I immediately took it out and used the hair dryer to blow for at least ten hours after cleaning it up. The phone can be powered on, but the power button can not be used to turn the screen on/off, it can sporadically be used to power on/off the phone. once the phone is off, there is a steady blue indicator on.

    I have tried to reset the phone many times, but the following issues still exist:
    . steady blue indicator light is on when the phone is powered off.
    . it's possible but very difficult to turn phone on using the power button
    . power button can not be used to turn screen on/off, when pressed, only options to turn off phone/restart/emergency mode window appear.
    . home, volume up/down keys all work

    I have also tried using compressed air to blow into the headset jack hole, power hole, sim tray hole.... and even covered it up with rice for about a day.

    Please help! I thank you in advance.
    01-18-2017 11:51 AM

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