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    Hi everybody... my Samsung Galaxy S6 (6.0.1) got splashed and the water caused it to do a hard reset. Only after that happened did I realize that I wasn't doing any sort of backup on my photos and they were on stored only on the internal storage. Fortunately the phone still works fine. The water issue happened several months ago and after I realized the phone was ok I just powered it off and have been using an older phone while trying to decide if I should root the S6 to look for those lost photos. When I looked back during the summer it appearead that it was nearly impossible to root 6.0.1 but now I'm seeing some things that say it is possible.

    So I'm just wondering what are the chances if I do actually go through all the trouble to root my phone that I will actually be able to retrieve those lost photos from internal memory? I haven't saved anything on it or done anything with it really since the reset because I didn't want to overwrite any data that might still be there.

    Advice is greatly appreciated... because of course as these stories go, these were incredibly important pictures to me and I've been beating myself up for months over not backing them up. (won't happen again)
    01-19-2017 10:09 AM
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    As you're aware of, rooting is a prerequisite for internal memory recovery, but doesn't guarantee that you'll get back reset photos. Actually, the chance is low to recover data after factory reset. However, if the photos are really important, you could have a try. If you love Android, it is fun to learn to root your phone. If you decide to do the recovery, I recommend iReparo for Android.
    01-20-2017 12:19 AM

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