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    Hello everyone,

    I am not an experienced Android user but Im doing a project with some friends and wanted to gather information from Android users:

    - What is a Samsung account (Brief explanation)?

    - What is the easiest way to back up an Android device?

    - When adding a contact, where best to save the contact? (e.g. SIM, Device, Samsung account etc) > The reason Im asking this one is because when I save to SIM, I cant seem to add the contact to "Favorites" (Not sure why).

    - With Marshmellow, Lollipop and Kitkat being the most popular Android versions (From my research) Is there a big difference in the user interface between these 3 platforms?

    - Can all Android devices upgrade to the latest versions? If not what is the limit? (For example: iPhone 4 and older can only upgrade to iOS 7.2.1 and all devices newer than iPhone 4 can upgrade to 10.2)

    Thank you guys for your time, much appreciated.

    - Aman.
    01-20-2017 01:30 AM
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    I'll field your last question.

    No. The limit varies from one device to another. Users of devices which do not support later versions of the OS may resort to a custom ROM version if available.
    Also, my iPhone 4s is running iOS 9.3.5, which I believe is as far as it is likely to go.
    01-20-2017 04:09 AM
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    Samsung account question
    Just like a Google account, Samsung accounts keep a lot of things backed up for you. Contacts and Samsung app data being the two biggest. Also it's Find Your Phone feature is much better than Google's IMO.

    Device Backup
    Depends on the level of degree you want backed up. Do you want everything backed up, apps, messages, phone logs, app data, and etc. For a full backup of everything you will do a SDK Backup. However it's more complicated than doing a more simple backup with a little less backed up data. For ease try Go Backup from Google play store.

    Adding Contact
    I always add my contacts to Google account. This way they are always backed up within my Google account. If you switch phones or various other reasons of losing contacts, you can restore them from your Google account. You probably can't set a contact saved to the SIM card because it's not locally saved on the device.

    User Interfaces
    OK so this is simple answer but also a complex reasoning. So YES there are big differences between each version of OS. To add to that, each phone manufacturer has their own UI to run on the OS. That being said, a device with Moto Blur on 5.1.1 is still much different than a Samsung with TouchWiz on 5.1.1 and same goes for HTC Sense on 5.1.1. Same goes for 4.3.3 and 6.0.1, not only does the android version change the devices, the manufacturers UI changes the phones from competitors devices.

    And above already answered your last question.
    01-20-2017 04:43 AM

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