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    Got this brand new Fossil Q Marshall earlier this evening. Looks amazing. This is my first ever any kind of "smart" watch. I have an Android (6.0+) phone, so looking forward to using it in conjunction.

    Quick questions for people familiar with this watch / setup.
    #1. Currently charging the watch. Charging via USB port on my PC, I see the charge symbol, no problem. When I connect it to a wall charger, doesn't seem to charge the watch (i see the red bars of battery). Is this expected, or am I doing something wrong?
    #2. How long should I leave it charging after opening it from the box? 7 hours? 10 hours?
    Asking because - after I charged (via USB port in PC) for about 30 minutes, I tried to turn the watch on, but it never turned on. I pressed the thingy on the side of the watch (not sure if there is a name for this), but it made no difference if I was pressing the button for 10 seconds or 1 minute. Watch doesn't turn on. How long should I wait?
    #3. How do I actually turn on this watch?
    01-21-2017 09:39 PM

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