1. AC Question's Avatar
    Posting my issue here with hope that someone had similar problem before and found an answer.

    I've recently started using new SD card for my Huawei Y5 II,
    The problem started occuring when I moved the default storage location from Phone memory to SD card memory.
    Since then, whenever I take a picture/shoot a video with my phone camera, it gets saved as a raw .jpg file to SD card, but without a thumbnail associated with it.
    Therefore, I can't view the pictures that are saved to my SD card. The raw data of the images, however, is intact.

    For instance, when I go to the File Manager app and open the last photo in DCIM folder on my SD card, it displays a dark grey background with text "No thumbnail", even though when I click on the picture details it shows that it has image/jpeg format, 2.84 Mb file size, and Unknown image resolution.

    The problem does not occur if I choose the picture/video to be saved to phone memory. Only photos/videos that are being saved on SD card seem to be affected by this issue.

    I've tried many solutions (cleaning the Media Storage app data & cache, rebooting device many times, taking out/inserting back the SD card, checking if the DCIM folder has .nomedia hidden file (it doesn't!)).

    Last thing I tried was copyting the photos from SD card to my laptop, taking out the SD card from my phone, connecting the phone via USB to my laptop and dropping the photos from laptop to my phone's memory DCIM folder. I was hoping that the phone would generate the missing thumbnails then, but it didn't work.

    Help me please.
    01-23-2017 03:56 AM
  2. Stephane1990's Avatar
    Hi I am experiencing the same problem, if it were any other kind of videos (in my case) no biggy but the videos are of my baby...... I don't know if I should cry for all the lost data (the most recent ones that I have saved on the new SD card). Have you heard anything on how to fix it?

    Thank you
    04-25-2017 02:56 AM

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