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    Recently my sister just gave me her old phone, which was another sisters phone that she gave to my other sister (the one that gave it to me). Anyway, it's rooted with TWRP. I'd rather not have it like that as I plan on using it for mobile app development.

    Unfortunately this recovery process is very crappy, it seems. I can't find a straight answer anywhere, either because the forums I find are old and the links are dead, or it's for a different phone model.

    As an iPhone user (save the fanboyism) the process of removing a jailbreak is straight forward: backup the phone, restore the back up. Apple software is smart enough to only backup its own software so the jailbreak does not come with the backup.

    But rooting an Android phone... it's as though they just smash software into place with no plan of recovery. Then it's up to the user to find the recovery, and hopefully you don't download a virus in the process. Excellent.

    I'd rather not have any viruses. Does anyone know a safe process for fully restoring the phone to its factory software? Or do I need to send it into HTC to have it restored?
    01-23-2017 05:26 AM

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