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    I m using Moto g4 plus and just 1 week ago I updated my android with nougat as i got update sms.and asa I update it and also all the apps are up to date upadated so many apps are not working and some of them not even opening. Like you tube is not even getting open. When I tap just get symbol and it stuck there and get error not responding please close the app from last 1 week after trying daily. Even my gaoo karaoke app is not letting me record any songs after update. So many problem there. So please tell me the solution. Cant even delete YouTube as it is pre installed. Have no other way. So please reply. And what with the other apps ?? How long I have to wait to work as it like it was before ?? Or just telle how I get to old Android version from Nougat ..It's so irritating.
    01-23-2017 04:49 AM

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