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    Galaxy Samsung S7
    Samsung Gear S3 watch
    All updated, no outstanding software updates available.

    I having ran 10 times and on 8 runs S Health just stops tracking my distance.
    Steps continue to count
    Clock conitnues to count

    The issue seems to happen when either I stop running - i.e. waiting to cross a road or when I pass under a bridge (bridge is probably 3 metres)... the watch seems to drop out. Only way is to stop and restart.

    The interesting thing is if I stop and restart it works straight away - so that tells me I am within GPS signal.

    The problem seems to be that if it drops out, it never can reconnect and start again. I have ran 7km, it has dropped out after 2km - yet for the rest of the other 5km - your telling me that I was never in GPS signal to pick up again ??

    Can someone confirm that if I have my watch connected via Bluetooth, is the S Health app taking GPS from the watch itself or from the phone?
    01-23-2017 10:15 AM

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