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    I have a LGL51AL phone
    Been trying to clear up some space on my Internal Storage. I have cleared cache, moved what apps I can (I realize that portions of the apps will remain on & take up some space on internal drive) and have bought and installed completely new (and blank) SD card.
    I have moved as many files to the SD card as possible, but when I go in to check the storage space on my Internal Storage, it shows around 50MB of photos and about 15-20MB of music and other media. I have moved EVERY photo, video, audio, jpg, etc to my SD card, but the phone is still showing a portion of the Internal Memory as being used up by these items. Thinking that these items (a photo, for example) were a copy or a portion of that photo being left behind during transfer - I made sure photo was in my selected SD folder, then went back through: STORAGE>INTERNAL STORAGE>PHOTOS/MEDIA and clicked on file to delete the photo (which is showing up as using up my Internal memory storage space) and deleted it from my Internal Storage, BUT when I do this, it deletes it from my SD file.
    Is there any way to get my phone to recognize that these files are no longer in my Internal Storage and, therefore, no longer using up that space on my Internal Storage? My phone keeps insisting that I am using up these amounts of memory in pictures and other media, but those items are no longer in my Internal memory.
    Also, somewhat related to this question above, in that it's related to storage problems: when I update apps that are part of my phone's functioning (IE. cannot be deleted/are necessary base apps for use of phone) - when I update my phone, even though these apps are already on my phone, the updates end up asking me to delete other apps to make space. Besides not updating the apps or undoing updates - is there any way to circumvent this problem? I'm guessing that most updated versions of apps, are not much larger (memory wise) than the previous version, but that it's the process of putting the update onto the existing version (so to speak) uses up more space than if we were just able to erase and download the 'new' version (I found that if I deleted an app like Facebook and reinstalled it, it took up less memory than doing an update to the existing version). It is very aggravating to want to make sure that all my base/'necessary' apps are updated, but cannot update them without practically deleting every 'unnecessary' app. I think I have no more than 5 'additional' apps on my phone (Facebook, KIK, etc) and of those, only like 3 cannot not be transferred to my SD.
    I know my phone is not great and probably even considered a piece of junk by some - but I'm on a fixed income and I only need my phone for very basic functions, and in all other manners, I like this phone - but it is frustrating that even basic functions are becoming complicated.
    I truly appreciate any help and not being told that I need a better phone (I know of similar problems happening to friends with better phones) - I know a better phone would help - but some of us have to make do with what we have, as outrageous as that sounds.
    Thank you again.
    01-24-2017 12:51 AM

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