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    I have had trouble getting my Gear VR working on my S7 Edge.
    It initially worked fine, then I was trying to get it working with SteamVR using VRidge - it was almost working.. Then it stopped loading anything when I plugged it into the Gear VR.

    Basically I'm now at the point where I've uninstalled everything except the "Gear VR Service".
    It won't detect and begin installing a fresh copy of the Oculus software until that's removed. Their website simply says go into the application manager and click Uninstall.

    Well it's all change din Nougat 7.1 - there is Disable and Force Stop.
    Disable is greyed out and Force Stop only lights up after trying to connect it.

    After much searching I'm stumped - How do you simply uninstall a service?!

    Nevermind I've found a way around it - I bought Package Disabler Pro to try disabling the service.
    Turns out it had a "silent uninstall" for the service as well, which has worked.
    Still no idea on the proper way to do this.
    01-24-2017 03:38 PM

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