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    Moving to Paonia, CO which is currently rolling out gig fiber optic broadband, but our location may be up to a year away from getting service. In the interim I need stopgap internet service. Rise Broadband was suggested but they declined stating I would have "jitter" because we have ponds on our property and water causes interruptions in a fixed wireless signal. Is this true?

    Other option is satellite internet which I want to avoid if possible. Don't want a second satellite dish on the house, especially since I plan to drop whatever internet service we are on once fiber optic is available. Rise at least had a month to month service, but the satellite providers seem to want a 24 month commitment.

    I'm thinking mifi. An organization called 4gcommunity.org has a mifi plan which seems reasonable but not sure about coverage since it's Sprint. Thought about trying to find VZW jetpack on ebay with unlimited data, but know NOTHING about doing this.

    Can someone who has experience with this kind of internet help a girl out?
    01-24-2017 05:10 PM

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