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    I have had my phone since November of 2015. Well my Htc was fine before I had a charger that charged it completely fine and fast. Well then I lost that charger and decided to find a new one the new one that I found didn't really charge that phone that well I had to twist and turn it to make it charge.and then my phone would die a 1% of course and I wouldn't see the red light but when I turned it on it would be a 50 or 60%.
    Then my phone refused to take that charger and would not charge at all. The last time I had the phone working it died at 1% then I turned it on again without even charging it and it was at 11%? it was weird then my phone was doing a factory reset all by itself! removing most of my apps like Instagram,Facebook and signing out of my Gmail account and other accounts. All my pictures were there but my phone had a notification telling me to back up my information but before I could my phone shut down on me at 6% usually a phone is supposed to die at 1%. I tried everything to turn it back on Including the power volume combinations the freezer trick. I left the battery out left it alone to charge. I plugged it to my pc and also used the wall charger( The Htc one). And took the Sim Card out. Am not being extra but I literally did everything to the point my fingers hurt. I even taped down the volume down button and power button down and left it there for hours and still no charge. And the charger that I use always turned on my Htc when it shut down like this. I know that I already tried everything but any suggestions? My phone has not turned on sense the 18 of January it is now the 25 I really need my phone and I do not want to replace it.
    01-25-2017 01:48 AM

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