1. AC Question's Avatar
    Every 10 minutes or so, whatever I am doing is interrupted to flash an ad ina new window on my screen which I then must exit to continue. It stops movies, closes the keyboard, stops music, sometimes without an ad showing. Annoying as heck. Have run AVG several times which shows no threats.
    01-25-2017 01:23 PM
  2. Rikku Watro's Avatar
    It may be injected ads, a virus, or adware. I experienced something a bit similar on Chrome on one of my S4's (injected ads); whenever I opened the browser, I am taken to the Play Store prompting me to install an app. A factory reset + backup removed it.

    3 years ago, I also installed a particular room escape game, and when I went to Chrome, a random animation showed up, and it was a virus; I removed the app, and it disappeared. However, I don't know what kinds of damage it has done (fortunately I did that factory reset + backup that I mentioned a while ago after I accidentally triggered the android acore glitch again)

    However, I have also occasionally ended up on adware sites for some reason (even on popular websites such as About) and I'm still not exactly sure why this is happening. I tried installing the Anti Adware app, and it detected apps with ad permissions (the "nöid" voice changer app being the only one I remember having when I started ending up in adware sites, so this may be the case)

    Based on this, maybe a particular app is causing this (such as that room escape game I had).
    01-25-2017 01:58 PM

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