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    Hello, after changing on the warranty faulty home button and the USB port with the microphone, they also changed the screen and, unfortunately, since that time the new glass Nillkin Amazing H + come off on two sides (left 0.5 cm, right 3mm, but the purpose by that it is unevenly mounted). Long searched the internet (as I also on the forum), and only cooperation found myself glass iCare with Amazon - unfortunately they don't send to Poland, Or 3mk FlexiGlass - 7h and the cost does not knock. Do halo effect may be caused by the glass itself, is there any small chance? I do not know to try the other lenses, or give it a rest.
    I will be grateful for suggestions to solve this problem, if you will have someone specific product with shipping to Poland, I will be grateful!

    Thank you in advance and best regards!
    01-26-2017 02:49 AM

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