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    HI Jerry...

    I bought a Lenovo ThinkCentre Chromebox with the Intel 3205U chip and 4GB ram last year for my kid after reading your chromebox article. Do you see the playstore coming to chromebox, and for makers like Lenovo?


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    01-26-2017 07:29 AM
  2. Jerry Hildenbrand's Avatar

    There's a hurdle there that portable devices don't have — a Chromebox has no sensors to detect motion and even if they did they would always be zeroed out. You don't pick up a chromebox and tilt it to steer a car in a game.

    An effective way to filter out apps that absolutely need motion based controls in Google Play needs to happen. My guess is that we see a fairly big revamp of Google Play and the Chrome store this year that makes it easier to find apps that work well and is not as "messy" as showing them in a list but saying they're incompatible when you try to install them.
    01-26-2017 12:02 PM
  3. rinkeedink's Avatar
    Makes sense... I hadn't thought about the sensor issues. Thanks!
    01-27-2017 08:16 PM
  4. afazel's Avatar
    I was wondering about this myself last night. Glad someone asked, because I wouldn't have though to.
    01-30-2017 10:35 AM

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