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    One morning I woke up and the bottom half of my phone kind of looked like a strobe light, sometimes it would turn on to were i was able to see my apps and other times it wouldnt, sprint would not fix it... so a few days later as i was on the phone it went compltly black and still strobe....The touch functions still work, i can answer calls and turn off alarms. My problem is i need to get stuff off the phone before going thru insurnace, my question is how... ive tried usb to my computer and it says there is nothing on it, i have tried downloading some androids recovery programs to my pc but it say i need to debug? im not sure if that was the term used, it gave me step by step how to but how can i when i cant see my screen??!!! thats my only issue everything works but visability!! HELP me!>!>!
    01-26-2017 11:49 PM

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