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    Hey guys, I have a really big problem. My nexus5's screen is broken and black, but the phone is still functioning. That means the touch works well and I can still receive notifications. So it works well i guess except of the black screen.
    Now to the problem.
    When i want to transfer my music files from my phone to my PC I'm not able to do it, because in order to do it, I need to press "MTP mode" when the connection is done, right?
    Now, due to my black screen I am not able to see what I press.
    Please help? can't see where I'm touching...
    01-27-2017 05:17 PM
  2. Rukbat's Avatar
    1. Any important files on the phone should be backed up - to the cloud, to a PC, to both.

    2. See A quick guide to accessing a locked phone with a cracked screen.
    01-27-2017 06:22 PM

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