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    I have done every step of suggested troubleshooting for "unfortunately, contacts has stopped". The error message pops up when the "green phone" icon is tapped. The actual contact list is available just not the key pad. And its not because I hit the "hide" key pad icon. I've had two J7's in the last 4 days.
    On the first J7 after doing every troubleshooting step except for factory reset T-Mobile replaced the phone.
    On the replacement phone, I installed 3rd party apps again. Within 48 hours (same time frame as first phone) same error message. Before going back to the store I uninstalled all third party apps, tried all troubleshooting steps except factory reset. I want the store to do that step. Factory reset done. Phone keypad showing. I installed third party apps again.
    Within 48 hours "unfortunately, contacts has stopped" error message again. As if I wasn't frustrated already.
    2 phones, same time frame, same third party apps, same error message. I really do not want to go back to the T-Mobile store. Some of the sales reps already leave when they see me enter the bldg.
    Are there any 3rd party apps that could/would be triggering the error message? Or something?
    Thanks Terri
    01-27-2017 08:29 PM
  2. belodion's Avatar
    To test that, try Safe Mode, which disables such apps for as long as you are in it.
    01-28-2017 03:33 AM

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