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    Hi, I hope you can help me...
    I've installed FunFit app on my Huawei P8...then I paired the smartphone with my Tenfifteen QW09 (Android 4.4) via bluetooth
    (I'm sure because I've tried "Find watch" feature on Funfit and my smartwatch ringing...) and I receive notifications about lost call and sms (received) BUT I can't answer to any call from the smartwatch (while my phone is ringing the smartwatch vibrate only once and no green/red dialer options to answer or deny on the smartwatch are displayed) and when I try to make a call from smartwatch it only says "No SIM card" (no bluetooth option is displayed)...Can you help me please? Can you suggest me any check/attempt to do?
    Thanks in avance!!
    01-29-2017 01:19 PM

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