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    Sir i am using CM security app but it leak my information with all details to oyher when i am calling him so i want to remove my all information please help
    01-30-2017 04:23 AM
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    Welcome to Android Central.

    You should be able to uninstall CM by first unchecking it in Security - Device Administrators.

    If it's a built in app with a Samsung device, you should at least be able to Disable it.

    Uninstall any app from Cheetah mobile if you can. Your device will thank you.
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    01-30-2017 12:59 PM
  3. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central! sfoLAX speaks the truth. Avoid Cheetah Mobile -- they're kind of notorious for underhanded practices.

    In general, you don't need a security app on your phone. For the most part, it's still quite difficult to get an actual virus on your phone, because malware requires you to manually accept the installation (which is why they try to fool you into thinking you're installing something legitimate). Use common sense:

    1. Avoid shady websites that deal with things like porn, gambling, and "free" (aka pirated) apps/music/movies.

    2. Never ever tap on a link that appears in a popup while browsing, especially if they're warning you that your phone is infected--they're just trying to scare you into installing some bogus "antivirus" app that is probably malicious itself.

    3. Only install apps from well-established app sources like Google Play Store or Amazon Appstore. Read a bunch of app reviews before installing an app to look for any complaints about adware or suspected malware.

    4. Turn on Google's "Verify Apps" function. This allows Google to periodically scan your phone's apps to look for malware. It's usually in your Google Settings app, under Security (although it might also be in the main System Settings, in Settings>Security).

    5. Turn off "Unknown Sources" in Settings>Security. This prevents any app that wasn't obtained from Google Play Store from being installed (which could include malicious apps that are inadvertently downloaded).
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    01-30-2017 05:29 PM

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