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    OK this is driving me absolutely nuts. I cant get the Nvidia Shield to connect to my home network. Well, at least not more than once.

    I am running a Windows 10 computer on a simple home network, with the PC connected to a Verizon fiber router which is connected to a switch which has four runs of Cat6 to various rooms.

    I installed Kodi 16.1 onto the Shield and went to Video/Add Video Source/Browse/Windows Network (SMB)/... and it connected first to WORKGROUP/Name of PC/Movies Woohoo!!!! I scan the content, it scrapes the content and Im good to go, confidence is high!
    Now I go to add TV Shows the same way Video/Add Video Source/Browse/Windows Network (SMB)/ nothing (nada, zero, zilch)

    It just doesnt connect reliably. A few tries later it connects. Days later at startup it cant find the shares to update the library so Kodi get stuck at "Preparing..."

    Im going to have to send this thing back if I cant get it to connect reliably.

    I cant be the only person with a probelm connecting to a Windows 10 PC through a simple network, but I get the feeling I am. I have this problem posted on Microsofts forum, Nvidias forum, and Windows ten forum and all I'm getting is crickets.

    01-30-2017 01:48 PM

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